The Pannerone is a fat cheese made with a mild paste from cow’s milk subjected to pasteurization.

Typical sweet, buttery, with a hint of bitterness, however, should not be too acidic or spicy on the palate.

Mature cheese has a paste inside with a white straw colour with alveoli (holes) that give the product a typical spotted appearance. Inedible Crust.

The interior paste has a characteristic pale yellow colour with a soft consistency, typical of cheeses with a short maturation period and sprinkled with a few holes.

This cheese is free of cereals containing gluten and its derivates

Nutrition facts (per 100 g)

Kcal     330
Proteins     38%
Fats     50%

Optimal storage conditions
from 02°C to 04°C

Italian Milk liquid calf rennet

Milk and milk products

Available Sizes 

This cheese is produced in cheese wheels (about 12 Kilos each) and can be sold in the following format:

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