The Caciotta is a soft and compact paste cheese made with whole cow’s milk subjected to pasteurization.

The cheese flavour is sweet, ripe which tends slightly to a more flavourful taste.

It has a white paste inside and a smooth outer appearance.

The Caciotta is a kind of compact and crumbly cheese, with a rough reddish crust. Any surface mould growth is a natural fact that does not affect the quality of the product. Inedible Crust.

This cheese is free of cereals containing gluten and its derivates

Nutrition facts (per 100 g.)

Kcal     335/350
Proteins     22%
Carbohydrates     ABSENT
Fats     29,5%

Optimal storage conditions
from 02°C to 04°C

Italian Milk, salt, calf rennet, adjuvants (selected milk enzymes)

Milk and milk products

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