The Stracchino Casalpusterlengo is a soft blue cheese made with cow’s milk subjected to pasteurization.

This cheese has the distinction of having a typical sweet and delicate taste, thwarted by a mild slight acidity, which makes it pleasant to the palate.

White or pale yellow paste.

To the touch looks “solid” and creamy, while compact, flaky and white inside. At the palate is smooth and blended.

This cheese is free of cereals containing gluten and its derivates

Nutrition facts (per 100 g.)

Kcal     256
Proteins     15,2%
Carbohydrates     2,38 g
Fats     29,78%

Optimal storage conditions
from 02°C to 04°C

Italian Milk, salt, calf rennet in a paste, adjuvants (selected milk enzymes)

Milk and milk products

Available Sizes

This cheese is produced in rectangular loaf (about 2 Kilos each) and can be sold in the following format:

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