The Pasta Cruda is a soft blue cheese made with cow’s milk subjected to pasteurization.

Delicate and fragrant, is slightly acid if it is consumed from the earliest days of production, while it is still at the stage of first fermentation. After 2/3 months of seasoning, the taste typically becomes aromatic.

White or yellow paste with increasing maturity. Soft white rosy crust cheese, while those more seasoned becomes a reddish grey-green colour. Any surface mould growth is a natural fact that does not affect the quality of the product. Inedible Crust.

Svaries depending on age. Young cheese, crumbly texture and lumpy structure, while in different forms is very seasoned and becomes more compact.

The absence of cereals containing gluten and their derivatives

Nutrition facts (per 100 gr.)

Pasta cruda fresco (fresh cheese)
Kcal     297
Proteins     18,5%
Carbohydrates     ABSENT
Fats     24,5%

Pasta cruda stagionato (hard cheese)
Kcal     335/350
Proteins     22%
Carbohydrates     ABSENT
Fats     29,5%

Optimal storage conditions
from 02°C to 04°C

Italian Milk, salt, rennet, adjuvants (selected milk enzymes)

Milk and milk products

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